Emmanuel Church - Senior Pastor Gordon McClure
A.W.E. - Acts of Worship Expressed - “Hâlal” & “Zâmar”
Week 2: “Hâlal” (The fools of praise) and “Zâmar” (The music of praise)
Locations & Times
  • Emmanuel Church
    1300 N Vine St, Abilene, KS 67410, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
Last Week: Yadah-Hands of Praise

Are you in AWE of Jesus?
Take Away: What stands in the way of you offering your highest expression of worship and praise to the Lord? The only opinion of your praise and worship that matters is God's.
"True halal contemplates laying aside your inhibitions and killing your self-consciousness.” Pastor Darren Whitehead (Co-author of “Holy Roar”)
Pg. 47 “Zamar is used throughout the psalms to connote the making of music, celebrating in song and music, and plucking the strings of a musical instrument. It’s a word that appears in scripture forty-one times, both in narrative form and in the poetry of the psalms.
Take Away: Music can help us express creativity in our praise and worship. It can also be a weapon of warfare. It’s all about putting our focus on God and striving to move into His presence.
6.9.19 Announcements
- Concert of Prayer - Sunday, June 9 at 6pm in the Youth Room
- Pool Party - Sunday, June 9 from 8-9:30pm at the Abilene Municipal Pool
-July 4th Outreach Sign Ups-please sign up today to help with this outreach to our community
-Deadline for Nehemiah Project Nominations is TODAY

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