OroNaz May 26, 2019
Join us for one service at 10am Sundays. Adult Sunday School at 9am prior to the service, and a prayer time Sunday night at 6pm.
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    Sunday 10:00 AM
Welcome to OroNaz!
We welcome you to worship, fellowship and learn together as we experience the presence of Jesus. It is our hope that you are able to connect with the God that loves you and experience the change that comes through growth.

Do you have kids?
We have awesome environments for them to learn about God on their level, babies through 6th grade. If you've got a fussy baby, there is a family room out the rear east door of the sanctuary with live feed of the service and access to a nursing room as well.

Is this your first time?
Everyone here had a first time at some point, and we're glad you're here with us. We would appreciate it if you filled out the guest card at this link: oronaz.org/new
LOVE OFFERING COLLECTED FOR DR. ERIN MEIER: Thanks for sharing your love and financial support with Missionary Erin Meier from Papua New Guinea! We were able to bless her with a gift of $10,492. You are a generous people!

THIS TUESDAY! REMODELING OF THE PASTORS’ MODULAR BEGINS. We need HELP removing and replacing siding and windows. If you can help, please put your name, phone number and the word “remodel” on a white info card and drop the card in the offering bag. We will contact you letting you know what tools we would like you to bring. Thank you!

BAPTISM SERVICE SUN, JUNE 9: Matthew 28:19 tells us, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” If you are interested or want more information, mark “Baptism” on an Info Card and put in offering basket or call the church office (533-7464). A pastor will contact you.

CORNERSTONE ICE CREAM SOCIAL- Here at OroNaz, Sun, 6/9 - 6pm - Speaker: Shane Heldman - Please complete signup sheet in bulletin and place in the offering bag.

ORO NAZ MEN’S MOVIE NIGHT: We will be screening an amazing film based on the experiences of the famous Australian Missionary to India, Graham Staines. This film will give you hope that the work of God’s children will always prevail. So bring a brother for our Father’s Day weekend event; Friday, June 14, 6pm, in the Fellowship Hall.

NAZ KIDZ VOLUNTEERS NEEDED during June, July & August. Complete signup sheet in bulletin and place in the offering bag.

NAZARENE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS may contact the church treasurer asap for scholarship information. Kolleen Wells (533-7464, ext 204 or kolleen@oronaz.org)

FOR WOMEN ALIVE CLASSES and events, see bulletin and oronaz.org/womenalive

JOIN US FOR SEW MUCH this Thurs, May 30, at 9am, in the Fellowship Hall. Come to sew or just drop by for a visit to see what we’re doing. Our sewing group creates beautiful hats, quilts, scarves and dresses for the purpose of reaching out into our community and the whole world with the love of Jesus Christ. Cynthia Strickland (589-2335); Pat Smith (680-9805)

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For a full calendar of events, visit oronaz.org/events
Already, But Not Yet
Pastor Travis Marshall
1. ALREADY (take it to the eternal bank)

A. God has _________ with sin by _________ it on Christ. Rm 8:30, Lev 16
B. God has ______________ the Holy Spirit to bring about real and lasting ___________________________. (Rm. 8:9, 8:14)
KEY: The power of the Spirit is __________________ than the power of ________. (Rm. 8:2)
OBJECTIVE: What God has done ________ ______.
SUBJECTIVE: What God has done ______ ______.
2. NOT YET (not to be confused withTBD)
A. The follower of Jesus has ________ left the flesh ______________.
(Rm. 8:12-13, 7:24-25)
B. ____________________ is not bound to a past event, it’s a __________ of ongoing renewal, power and reconciliation (sanctification). (Rm. 8:10,13, 2 Cor. 4:16, 5:1, Rm. 5:9-10, 1 Cor. 1:18, 1 Thess. 5:8 note that the helmet is the “hope of salvation”)
A. Because of Christ we are free from the overwhelming weight of ______________ __________________.
B. Because of Christ we are invited to live in the _______________________ of renewal and not in the burden to be ________________.
C. The church should be the one place where people feel safe to admit that they are ______________________ ________________ in discovery of what it fully means to be IN-Christ.
Why? Because we are all struggling sinners, caught in the
“________________________” of discovering what it fully means to be
Blanks Key: dealt, placing, gifted, transformation, stronger, sin, FOR US, IN US, not, behind, Salvation, process/discovery, saving ourselves, process/discovery, perfect, struggling sinners, NOT-YETness
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