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Sermon Series: UnCommon
Sermon Title: Common Purchase/Uncommon Hope
Sermon Text: Jeremiah 32
In a time where hope was not common, Jeremiah made a common purchase to provide uncommon hope.
Hope of restored land. v. 15; 42-44
Hope of restored relationship. v. 37-40
Our common acts of obedience during difficult times can communicate hope to other people.
Living the Word Applications: Common/Uncommon Communicate Hope...
Obey the Lord even when it doesn't make sense...pray for discernment. v. 16-25
Look at God's Word fulfilled in your life for hope in the future. v. 24,42
Practically, read God's story in your life backwards.
Believe the impossibilities with God. v. 17; 27-28
We can have uncommon hope because what is uncommon for us is common for God.


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