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Week 14:
“Heaven” [Assurance]
(John 14:1-6)

Have you ever wanted so badly for something to be true that you defiantly refused to believe that it wasn't?

Is this true of Christians who believe in God and heaven?
Troubled = to stir or agitate
Two sources of our troubles:
1. UncertaintyWhat we don't know and can't control
2. CertaintyWhat we know and can't avoid
"Troubled" found elsewhere in the Bible:
Matt. 2:3, 14:26
John 12:27
Luke 24:36-38
An honest search for God leads to Jesus Christ!
1. A Heavenly Prescription
2. A Heavenly Description
If there is no God or heaven, how do we explain why we feel we ought to live longer and why pain and death feel so unnatural and wrong?
1. A Heavenly Prescription
2. A Heavenly Description
3. A Heavenly Subscription
We have the right to believe anything we want, but doing so doesn't mean we're right!
Christians don't make the claim that Jesus is the only way to God, Jesus does!
Subscription = Acceptance confirmed by actions
We can sleep soundly in a fox hole if we trust the ONE beside us!