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Special offering next Sunday for the Hagemeier's.
That will be their last Sunday before they head to Africa!!
“When you change the way you see things, the things you see change.” — Dr. Wayne Dyer
“repent” (metanoeo) means to “undergo a change in frame of mind….”
World –specific period of time. Not to be conformed to the law-abiding sacrificial system they were living under;
Then they would find out That God’s good, acceptable & perfect will is not about trying to live holy lives & following certain rules.
“Paradigms can be so strong they act as psychological filters – we quite literally see the world through our paradigms.
Any data that exists in the real world (or even in the Bible) that does not fit our paradigm will have a difficult time getting through our filters. We are quite literally unable to perceive the facts right before our eyes. Thus, our greatest strengths can become our greatest weakness by not allowing us to see both the need and the opportunity for change.
The people who create new paradigms are usually outsiders. They are not part of the established paradigm community.“– (Ronald Timothy)
Jesus was the outsider of His day.
Nothing of any significance ever happens in your comfort zone.
People change when
• they hurt enough that they have to,
• when they learn enough that they want to, and
• when they receive enough that they are able to."
- John Maxwell
There are three things that we know about the future:
1.It is not going to be like the past
2.It is not going to be exactly the way we think it's going to be
3.The rate of change will take place faster than we imagine
Change the way you think about God….
His kingdom is always advancing. While His written word never changes, our understanding of His Word must.
Theology and doctrine are critically important, but not more important than growing in our knowledge of Christ.
Holy Spirit continues to reveal what Jesus has already given us.

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