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Down to Earth—Part 1
Though Jesus was the Son of God and Creator of the universe, He chose to enter this world under amazingly modest circumstances—as a baby, born to an ordinary couple, and placed in a trough. The angels even announced His birth to the humble shepherds, not to civic or religious leaders. Although the details are simple, the birth of Jesus is remarkable. Join us for the December series, Down to Earth, as we explore how this extraordinary event has had an impact in all of our lives.
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM


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Problem: We don’t take the time to bow before the King of kings.
Solution: The Magi humbly bowed before the King of kings or they searched for him until they found him.
Magi: A priestly caste among the Persians and Medes, which occupied itself principally with the secrets of nature, astrology, and medicine. –Dr. Vincent
Conjunctions of constellations, appearances of comets, and the appearance and disappearance of stars were all at times believed to herald the rise and fall of monarchs…. –Dr. Nolland
[He was] a ruthless murderer. He had his own wife and her two brothers slain because he suspected them of treason. He was married at least nine times in order to fulfill his lusts and strengthen his political ties. –Wiersbe
Herod here is Herod the Great, who ruled as king from 37 to 4 B.C. He was a figure of heroic proportions, whose rebuilding of the Jerusalem temple represented a major feat of ancient architecture, but whose rule was tyrannical, ruthless, and cruel. –J. Nolland
How does this story relate to the theme, Down to Earth?
• The Magi were humble enough to seek out Israel’s Messiah.
How does this story relate to the theme, Down to Earth?
• The Magi were humble enough to seek out Israel’s Messiah.
• The magi had a humble regard for the Word of God.
How does this story relate to the theme, Down to Earth?
• The Magi were humble enough to seek out Israel’s Messiah.
• The Magi had a humble regard for the Word of God.
The Magi humbly worshipped Christ through their homage and their gifts.
Giving to God is a way of expressing thanks to Him.
Giving is a way of acknowledging that He is worthy.
Giving is a way to exercising faith in Him.

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