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5/19/19 Worship Gathering
Can You Relate?: The Women
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Friday 10:00 PM

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Summer is creeping ever closer and that means a change of rhythm around Origins. Beginning next Sunday, Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, we will move to just one Sunday worship gathering at 10:00 a.m.
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Origins Youth Wednesday Nights: Can you believe it is already the end of the year!?! This week is our year end party! We will be having a BBQ, playing games and hanging out at Tammy’s House. Time: 7:00-8:30 Address: 263 NW 1st Street Ontario. All food and drinks will be provided.

Congratulations to Our Graduates: Tyler Teetzen, Anna Vogt, Brenna Vogt, Kaylee Benear, Breyden Lande, Armando Veloz and Jazmine Ware. We are so incredibly proud of you!

Envelope Fundraiser: The envelope fundraiser is still going on! This is a simple way to support students on their summer mission trips. Just select an envelope, fill it with the indicated amount of money, fill out the information and put it in the white giving boxes. All funds will be divided among the students who are going on the mission trip. Thank you so much!

Origins Youth Leaders: Tammy Vogt, Nelacey Porter, Matt Mauney, Tricia Bicknese, Natalee Fisher, Allie Stinson
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Today: Year End Party!
School's almost out! Summer is nearly here! We need to celebrate!

We do ask that your children remain with you at all times for their safety. There are activity packets for your child at the back of the room if your child sits with you during the worship gathering. Please take only one to ensure that there are enough to go around.

You may also take advantage of the Family Viewing Room if your child needs a little extra space during the gathering.

Pastors of Children and Families: Alec and Allie Stinson
Overcomers Outreach (click for details)
O.O. is a biblical, 12 step recovery adventure with mentors and sponsors who will walk along side you.

O.O. meets today from 1:30-3:00 here at the Origins building. Anyone seeking any form of recovery is welcome. Vans will pick you up at LRC or wherever needed, just let us know you need a ride by calling 208-741-1727, or see Benny or Kay after the gathering.
Focus for today (click for details)
There's been a lot in the news lately about women and their role as leaders in our world. Are they getting equal pay and equal opportunity? Are they equally represented and valued around important tables? Should/can women be pastors?
Jesus actually has more to say about the role of women in the world and God's Kingdom than you might realize. In fact, He did more than talk about it, Jesus demonstrated His value for women in multiple ways.
Today as we continue our series entitled, "Can You Relate?", we will be looking at how Jesus related to several different women and what we can learn by following His example. We are glad you are here.
By the way...It's a Sermon Lab Sunday!
My kairos for today (what got your attention?):
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Next Sunday we begin our summer schedule. We will have one Sunday worship gathering at 10:00.

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About Us:
Origins is a people of God committed to changing the spiritual temperature of the Treasure Valley through service and love.

We are called alongside all people as we journey towards becoming the people God created us to be.

Vision Team: Doug Teetzen, Jennifer Teetzen, Nelacey Porter, Vicky Solterbeck, Matt Mauney, Pam Seiders, Alec Stinson
Operations Team: Greg McClean, Kay Williams, James Blundell, Dean Solterbeck, Denise Baker, Benny Seiders, Allie Stinson
Because We Believe
Origins doesn't just want to be a people of belief, rather we want to be a people whose beliefs affect our actions. That is why our core values are presented as 'Because We Believe' statements. As we do our best to imitate the life of Jesus, we see Him directing us to focus our attention in three different areas Up, In, and Out.

Because We Believe...that Jesus is the living Son of God and that He alone offers hope for the restoration of creation, we commit to further our relationship with Him through increased understanding and ever deepening levels of obedience. This is why we do everything. (Hebrews 6:1)

Because We Believe...that God sent us help and comfort, in the form of the Holy Spirit, we look to Him and His Word for guidance and discernment on how to best navigate the often difficult collision of faith and culture. This is why we look to the Bible as our source of truth. (Psalm 119:105)

Because We Believe...that everyone worships something, we commit to focusing our worship on the one true God. This is why we regularly gather for dedicated times of teaching, worship, and prayer. (Luke 4:8)

Because We Believe...that we are all created by God and in His image, we understand the inherent value of all of creation and commit to join God in His earthly establishment of a beautifully diverse, multicultural Kingdom. This is why we value all people as a part of Origins. (Galatians 3:8)

Because We Believe...that the history of faith is divinely woven into the story of humanity, we look to ancient faith as a profound influence on our daily understanding of God. This is why our gatherings are a mix of modern and ancient faith practices. (Psalm 150)

Because We Believe...that humankind was not created to live in isolation and that discipleship happens best in community, we regularly gather together in small community groups for friendship, support, growth, and fun. This is why we intentionally connect with others. (Acts 2:42)

Because We Believe...that the scriptural mission for all believers is to make disciples who make disciples, we commit to choose daily to obediently follow the way of Jesus and to invite others to join us on that journey. This is why we are more concerned with who we are becoming than who we’ve been. (Matthew 28:19)

Because We Believe...that all of life has its source in God, we commit to regular and measured giving of our time and resources to most effectively join God's Kingdom work. This is why we hold loosely to all that was ultimately given to us by God in the first place, so we can easily give it away to those in our world who are in need. (Matthew 22:21)

Because We Believe...that the church is God's active presence in the world, we commit to partner with Him where we see He is at work. This is why we regularly and intentionally serve others. (Ephesians 4:11-12)
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Co-Pastors:James and Tammy Vogt
If you have a question or prayer request, you may call the office from 9:00-4:00 Tuesday - Friday.

Pastors of Children and Families: Alec and Allie Stinson



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