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Oy vey- dismay or grief

The question is not what one has to do post salvation

The real question is; are Christians made right with God by faith alone or by faith and adherence to the law?

Peter’s history lesson

God knows the heart

He acknowledged the Gentiles by giving them the Holy Spirit

Just as he did for us

If God receives them, so should we

They are just like us. No distinction!

Purifying their hearts by faith
Christians are not only saved by faith; they are also purified by faith
Why test God?????

Israel failed God at the birth of their nation

Mt Sinai

Golden calf

Israel failed God at the end of the old testament

Disregarded sabbath

Married pagan women
[nehemiah 13]

From beginning to end Israel could not bear the yoke of the law

Paul makes the same argument
God desired a people for his name among the gentiles [nations]

Conclusion of the business meeting

Four abstentions listed are related to ceremonial laws

Three dealt with dietary matters and one concerning sexual immorality.

All this oy vey was summed up in the words of Jesus