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The Staff: You Are A Conqueror
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  • Azalea City Church of God
    247 St Augustine Rd, Valdosta, GA 31601, United States
    Sunday 10:51 AM
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The Strategy of the Amalekites
Constantly strike in the most vulnerable places

• Discourage – this is always going to be my life

• Fear – I wonder who or where they will strike next

• Make you a slave to those thoughts and keep you from where you’re going

The Mindset of Moses
Grew weary of these attacks and the reports of what they caused

• Couldn’t believe the Amalekites had the audacity to attack the Children of God

• Responded with the mindset of a Conqueror
God didn’t have to instruct Moses to do this it was just in his nature to respond this way!
• Choose some men to fight – they don’t have to be trained but they do have to be bold
• Choose a prayer team to intercede – people of faith & power
• Took the Rod of God with him - victory rested solely upon connection with God and our desire to lift Him up

• Built an altar to remind the people and those around them – Jehovah is who we fight for and who fights for us
One mightier than Moses is interceding for us
• The same One who empowered Joshua fills us with a power greater than any enemy

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