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This is the first of the five warnings found in Hebrews. Their purpose is to encourage all readers to pay attention to God's Word and obey it. “We” includes all those who are Hebrews. Some believed intellectually that the Messiah was superior to the angels but had not yet committed themselves to Christ as God and Lord. The author uses the illustration of the anchor (Hebrews 6:19) to show how we can be confident in God’s promises.
It’s not about coming to church or having the right feelings or being married to a Christian that makes one __________________________.
There were three types of people in typical first century synagogue:
1. Jews – both parents Jewish (Mature Jews)
2. Proselytes – Gentiles not born into Jewish family (Baby Jews)
3. God-fearers Gentiles – dwelled on the edges of the community. (Almost Jews)
Why is it important that Jesus is greater than the angels?
So that the hearers are urged to respond because of the character of the Jesus Christ who is _______________________________.
Three Reasons to Receive Christ

1. The Character _______________________ (v. 1)
The idea behind all images is SLOW a great loss occurring almost _____________________________.
2. The Certainty __________________________ (vv. 2, 3)
Since the message of Jesus is greater, rejecting His message brings greater _________________________________.
What was the message brought by the angels?
The giving of ___________________.

Exodus 19 and 20
You can remain lost simply by drifting from the good news – by hearing it and then ______________________.
3. The Confirmation _______________ (v. 4)

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