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In the second installment of the Rescue series, Lead Pastor, Joel Cauley teaches the story of Easter. During this season we celebrate Jesus stepping out of heaven’s majesty and walking in the mud of humanity to save us. We will see that even if there was only one person in the world, He still would have come to rescue us.
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1. Jesus shed blood at the Garden of Gethsemane.
What was redeemed there: Our Willpower.

2. He shed blood at the whipping post.

What was redeemed there: Our Health.
3. He shed blood internally - from the intense beating.

What was redeemed: Our forgiveness and liberty from the hold of transgressions and iniquities.

4. He shed blood when they put the crown of thorns on His head.
What was redeemed: Our peace of mind and healing from all mental torment.

5. He shed blood when they pierced His hands.

What was redeemed: power to succeed prosper and ability to receive spiritual inheritance.

6. He shed blood when they pierced His feet.

What was redeemed: our dominion and authority.

7. Blood came forth when they pierced His side.
What was redeemed: wholeness of heart and fullness of joy.


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