Living Waters Church Kyabram
Living Waters Church Kyabram Sunday 14th April 2019
Saturday Morning.
Locations & Times
  • Living Waters Church Kyabram
    60 Allan St, Kyabram VIC 3620, Australia
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Every Place - Easter 2019 Part 1
The Wondrous Cross
The Game Changer - Greater love
Life Group Questions
The wondrous cross – Part 1
Sunday 14th April 2019
Read Matthew 21:1-11, what is significant in the account of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem?
Why is our view of Jesus important? How do we see Jesus? Explore what others would say about who Jesus is.
Read and discuss Philippians 3:10-11.
How do we know the power of His resurrection? How do we participate in His sufferings?
Read John 19:28-30, What did Jesus mean by His declaration of “It is finished”?
Read and discuss Matthew 16:24-26.
How do we find life?