Corner Church North Loop / Uptown / Camden
Corner Church • April 14 • UNITED SERVICE
Clickbait - Washing Feet
Locations & Times
  • Folwell Community Center
    1615 N Dowling Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55412, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

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Prayer Focus:

MISSIONS: Pray for John, Charity & Amos Trotter, missionaries/church planters in Pittsburgh. Pray for their Easter service this week. Learn more at
COMMUNITY: Pray for your closest family members this week.
CHURCH: Pray that people are connected to church community this Easter season.

Corner Church Quiz:

1.I “lovingly” point out the ego of others
2. I preface sentences with “I hope this doesn’t seem arrogant, but…"
3. I make sure I look good to people on social media
I publicly and humbly grieve my sin but choose to cling to it anyway
5. I humbly drop names of people I know
6. I am serving in a lowly position now but assume it’s just a matter of time before I’m better known
7. When I share my testimony and talk about God’s grace in my life, I tend to be the center of the story
8. I post about my serving others
9. I find myself talking about my own humility
10. I feel like this quiz has nothing to do with me
It is easy to see humility as an external action as opposed to an internal state of being.
“Peter’s humility is true enough to allow him to see the incongruity of Jesus washing his feet: not deep enough to make him conscious of the incongruity of his thus opposing and dictating to his Master.” (Dods)
Sometimes we show a servant’s heart by accepting the service of others for us. If we only serve, and refuse to be served, it can be a sign of deeply rooted and well-hidden pride. “Man’s humility does not begin with the giving of service; it begins with the readiness to receive it. For there can be much pride and condescension in our giving of service.” (Temple)
Second Dialogue Question:

What has to change in order to move from trying to look humble to trying to be humble?

First Dialogue Question:

What are the differences between humility and false humility?
Vs. 12,13 - Recognize those who are working hard at making you better
Honor them
Live at peace with them

Vs. 14,15 - Strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else
Warn the idle and disruptive
Encourage the disheartened
Help the weak
Be patient with everyone
Turn the other cheek

Vs. 16-18 - Rejoice always, pray always, give thanks always
God is always there

Vs. 19-24 - Be blameless in spirit, body and soul
Listen to the Holy Spirit
Don’t think of yourself as being above Godly correction
Let God purify you
Final Dialogue Question:

Of Paul’s instructions (on the announcement card), where do you need to start and what will you do first?
Take It Deeper Questions:

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28.
What type of personal growth is easiest and/or most difficult for you to identify: physical, emotional or spiritual? Why?
What happens when you recognize people that are trying to make you better?
What happens when you ignore or resent people that are trying to make you better?
What happens when you strive to do what is good for others and for everyone?
What happens when you focus solely on doing what is good for you?
What happens when you pray, worship and are thankful always?
What happens when you never pray, never worship and never are thankful?
What happens when you are working toward being blameless?
What happens when you don’t care about trying to be Christ-like?
How do Paul’s words give you focus today?