Horizons Community Church
Sunday Worship 4/14/19
Old School “Letting it Be Said”
Locations & Times
  • Horizons Community Church
    3200 Grainger Pkwy, Lincoln, NE 68516, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM
The crowd expected to find peace and triumph in a return to domination, power, and in being “Top Dog” again, where their land and wealth were restored, and their enemies were again subdued.

The resurrected peace and triumph Jesus gave us INSTEAD was:

• The fulfillment of a conditional, impossible covenant.

• The installment of a new, unconditional covenant of grace.

• Victory over sin, hell, death, shame, and self.

• Gifts of grace, truth, and love, and an “others first” life that wins any war, defeats any evil.
If I couldn’t see how the rest of the story would play out, I might be a little confused by Jesus’ march to His death too. ~ Pastor Jason

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