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Responding Well to Suffering - Jesus gets it! (Mark 14:32-36)
Sermon Guide for April 7, 2019
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  • Covenant Baptist Church
    5440 SW 37th St, Topeka, KS 66614, USA
    Sunday 10:45 AM
What kind of pain are you most afraid of?
How do you normally deal with or respond to suffering when you go through it?
How can I best respond when I suffer?
The Gospel of Jesus Christ declares to us this very real possibility: You and I don’t have to spend one more day living in fear of suffering.
Abba! Father!
● Abba communicates the idea of “daddy” in our language. It shows an intimate relationship of trust and dependence Jesus had with His Father God.
● How we see and relate to God is very important to how we experience God.
● The Gospel invites us to know and approach God as our daddy.
Everything is possible for You;
● Jesus knew His Abba, Father had the power to do anything He wanted to do.
● We get really confused when we know God can do anything but we don’t know God as our Abba – Daddy.
● Knowing God is all powerful is a truly good and beautiful thing when we also know God is our Abba.
Please take this cup of suffering away from Me;
● If we are going to trust Jesus enough to obey Him we have to know He experienced life as a human in the same way we experience life as a human.
● We will always try to control God when we don’t trust God.
● We will only trust God when we know God is just as good as He is powerful.
● This little word yet connects Jesus lesser desire to Jesus far greater desire.
● “…yet…” points us in the direction of a higher good – a truly better way.
…not what I will...
● Jesus knew trusting His Abba Father was infinitely better than trusting His personal desire to avoid suffering.
● When we suffer our ability to know what is best is clouded by the pain we are experiencing.
● We will naturally believe all suffering is bad until we come to know and believe God, as our Abba Father, is entirely good
…but what you will.
● Jesus completely trusted His Abba Father’s will for Him before He even knew what that will was.
● Jesus knew his desire to avoid the cross came out of his fear of suffering. He also knew trusting His Father as the way forward was an incomparably better way to respond.
● Paraphrase of …not what I will but what you will: I want what you want for me more than I want what I want for me.
Jesus is teaching us to respond to pain and suffering by relying on God’s presence with you as Abba Father. And, if your Abba Father is with you, you can completely trust Him to lead you with all power, unlimited wisdom and perfect love. When we do that, the outcome is always life (gain) and never death (loss).
When Jesus couldn’t see beyond the cross, He entrusted Himself to His Abba Father He knew to be perfectly good. We can do the same.
Perfect Love casts out fear. 1 John 4:18
Perfect Love can always be trusted.
Are you convinced God loves you in the same way He loved and cared for Jesus?
Would you be willing to entrust yourself to God’s Perfect Love instead of trying to secure your own good the next time suffering comes your way?
Surrendering our pain does not come natural. We have to learn to trust God with it.
The invitation of the Gospel is to enter into a life entirely free from the dread and fear of suffering by entrusting your pain to your Abba Father’s perfect love.

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