First Baptist Church, Newton, Iowa
When the Devil Knocks- Parts 3
Locations & Times
  • First Baptist Church, Newton, IA
    620 S 8th Ave E, Newton, IA 50208, USA
    Sunday 10:15 AM
About First Baptist Church:
"Our desire is to "To honor God by leading people in Newton, Jasper County and beyond to become loving, joyful, fully-functioning followers of Jesus Christ." If you are checking out today's event and would like to know a little bit more about the church, please check out the link provided below.
When the Devil Knocks- Part 3
2 Corinthians 10:3-5

How do we battle against the strongholds of our enemy?

1st) We need to control the_________________________
* “Whenever he gets a foothold, it’s because he wants
to get a____________________________.”
* We control that high ground by____________our
fear, and_______________our faith.
2nd) We fight fire with_____________________________.
3rd) We raise our________________________Matt. 26:30
*_________________is a weapon against darkness.