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November 24, 2019 Worship Service
Acts 8: “Gospel Characteristics” ~ Pastor Kirk Flaa
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SERMON: Acts 8: “Gospel Characteristics”

“What are the identifiable characteristics of the Gospel and why should this matter?”

1. It Grows the Kingdom

2. It Breaks Barriers

3. It Comes to Us in the Word

4. It Needs People

“The Gospel makes everyone an evangelist.”
1. Why did God permit persecution to come upon the early church? What “good” would result from this? Consider a difficult or traumatic event in your own life, and share how God used this experience for good. Reflect upon the observation that Peter’s speech in chapter 2 resulted in a mass conversion, while Stephen’s speech in Acts 7 resulted in death and wide spread persecution (chapter 8). What does this teach us about service in God’s kingdom?
2. Read the following texts and discuss in your group the general principles they illustrate regarding barriers, groups, and the Gospel: 1 Corinthians 12:13; Galatians 3:28; Ephesians 2:11-19; Colossians 3:11. What “barriers” are we likely to erect amongst ourselves and amongst other believers? Identify some cultural or ethnic prejudices you were raised up in and their influence today in your life. What barriers exist in our church and how can we eliminate them?
3. In order for Philip to be able to interact with the Ethiopian, he was directed to “go up and join this chariot.” (v. 29) We know what this means literally, but figuratively, how does it also apply and how do we do so today? Why is ‘joining the chariot’ so important to evangelism? What does this mean for evangelism?
4. Read through Isaiah 53 as a group. If you were Philip sharing with the eunuch, how would you use this chapter to preach Jesus and the Gospel? What are some main points it illustrates?
5. Observe that twice in this chapter a reference is made to “joy” (8:8, 39). What was the cause of such joy? Review the following texts and discuss what joy means in the life of a believer, ways in which the devil seeks to take joy away, and steps we can take to protect and cherish this joy. Would this joy be an identifiable characteristic in your life? Why or why not? Exodus 18:9; Psalm 4:7, 16:11, 84:2; Nehemiah 8:10; Isaiah 25:9; Philippians 3:1, 4:4.

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