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Devoted: Forgetting God’s Faithfulness Invites God’s Judgement
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When we forget our Provider, we exalt an impostor. (vv. 1-4)

When we forget God’s faithfulness, we exaggerate our greatness. (vv. 17-23)
Those who heed God’s wisdom have a reputation that precedes them.
If you are not listening to God, He is not afraid to raise His voice.
When we forget our merciful Judge, we experience judgment. (vv. 5:5-9, 24-31)
o Mene — “numbered”
o Tekel — “weighed”
o Parsin — “divided”

Godly wisdom banks on the past and cashes in on the present.
1. Prayerfully identify where pride and presumption still have a foothold in your life­— repent and run to Jesus!

This week I will…
- Write a list of 25 ways how I have seen God being faithful in the past and praise Him for those things.
- Read and James 4:13-17 and write a paragraph of what it means for my life.
- Ask a friend to help me see where God is being faithful to me right now.
- Pray and ask God to forgive me of my pride and self-sufficient attitude.

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