Emmanuel Church - Senior Pastor Gordon McClure
CONTRAST Lenten Series
Week 4 - "Restoration and Power"
Locations & Times
  • Emmanuel Church
    1300 N Vine St, Abilene, KS 67410, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
"Remorse" is "Repented" in some versions
There are two words in Greek used in the NT for Repent:
Metamellomai=regret (Judas: was sorry, but no heart change)
Metenoeo=to think differently (Peter: sorry, but with a heart change)
First: Love=Phileo=friend Feed=Bosko=to nourish
Second: Love=Agape-God's Love Feed=Poimaino=tend or take care
Third: Love=Phileo=friend Feed=Bosko=to nourish
Jesus extends His grace to each of us offering forgiveness and restoration. We can never run so far from God that He doesn’t pursue us and He never loses His desire to have relationship with us.
Power=dunamis=miraculous power

God will give us holy boldness as we’re filled with His Holy Spirit. He can restore our zeal for the things of God.
4.28.19 Announcements
- Special Called Church Meeting - On May 5, at 6pm we will come together as a church to discuss the denominational issue before us. Don‘t miss this opportunity to have your voice be heard.

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