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No Matter What
Part IV of our series "Hold Nothing Back"
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    50 Laidlaw St, Yass NSW 2582, Australia
    Sunday 10:00 AM
No Matter What
This message is part IV and the last of our series “Hold Nothing Back”
Not in the Promised Land Anymore…
The events of Daniel take place not in the Promised Land of Israel but with God’s people living in exile in Babylon. What does it look like for God’s people to rediscover faithfulness to him when they are no longer the dominant culture and religion? Will they succumb to the pressure and temptation to bow down to the gods of Babylon?
What does it look like for us to be all in for God when we are outside the promised land?
The Threat of The Fiery Furnace
Three Jewish men with high positions in Babylon’s government and long names are singled out to be a test case on Jewish faithfulness to their God. The equation was simple, bow down to the statue and save themselves from the furnace. Their response was one of remarkable trust in God to deliver them from the flames of the furnace.
In the miraculous story of deliverance from the flames of the furnace it is easy to miss this key verse. Yes, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego believed God could and would deliver them from the flames. But their faithfulness wasn't dependent upon God’s deliverance in that moment.
What is your own faithfulness to God dependent upon?
Jesus seemed to be ticking all the right boxes yet for John the Baptist something was missing. The Messiah was meant to set the captives free, yet he sat languishing in Herod’s prison.

Is there a “prison” in your life that has you wondering, is there someone else other than Jesus?
No Matter What
May you live the rest of your life believing in and trusting in God to deliver you from every trial and circumstance that comes against you. And may you be all in for God, holding nothing back, even if he doesn’t.

Life Group Discussion Questions Below

As our life groups gather this week, we have attached our reference verse and some questions to prompt a deeper discussion and search into this week's topic.

If you are not currently part of a life group, and would like to join a small group of like minded people in fellowship and connection during the week, please contact Nick on 0417472474 to register your interest.
1. In what ways is there pressure or temptation to bow down to other “gods” in our culture?
2. What are the consequences of not bowing down to the things the world around us worships?
3. Is there any challenging circumstances in your life at the moment that you a hoping for God’s deliverance from?
4. Has it ever felt like everyone else’s prayers are being answered and yours have not?
5. What does Jesus’ response to John the Baptist mean?
6. What does it look like to live with confidence that God will deliver us from every trial and circumstance yet be faithful to him even if he doesn’t?

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