Christ Community Leawood
The First Songs of Christmas - December 1 | Leawood
The Song of Mary - 9:00 & 10:45am
Locations & Times
  • Christ Community - Leawood Campus
    14200 Kenneth Rd, Leawood, KS 66224, United States
    Saturday 3:00 AM
Title: The Song of Mary
Scripture: Luke 1:26-56
Speaker: Darin Lund,

>> God’s Grace Will Trouble Us
>> How has God’s grace troubled you? How has God’s grace caused you distress?
>> God’s Grace Will Humble Us
“It is completely incomprehensible to us how God can reveal himself and to some extent make himself known in created beings: eternity in time, immensity in space, infinity in the finite, immutability in change, being in becoming, the all, as it were, in that which is nothing. This mystery cannot be comprehended; it can only be gratefully acknowledged. But a mystery and self-contradiction are not synonymous.” - Herman Bavinck
>> What words do you use to describe your relationship with God?
>> God’s Grace Will Transforms Us
>> How are our lives different because of God’s grace towards us?

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