Christ Community Leawood
Genesis - March 24 | Leawood
Be Fruitful and Multiply - 9:00 & 10:45am
Locations & Times
  • Christ Community - Leawood Campus
    14200 Kenneth Rd, Leawood, KS 66224, United States
    Saturday 3:00 AM
Title: Be Fruitful and Multiply
Scripture: Genesis 1:28, 2:5-15
Speaker: Tom Nelson,

"The decline of traditional faith in America has coincided with an explosion of new atheisms. Some people worship beauty, some worship political identities, and others worship their children. But everybody worships something. And workism is among the most potent of the new religions competing for congregants. What is workism? It is the belief that work is not only necessary to economic production, but also the centerpiece of one’s identity and life’s purpose.” - Derek Thompson, The Gospel of Work
>> God Is To Be Worshipped In Our Work
Our vocation is not something we do for God- which would put the burden on us to perform and achieve. Instead, it is a way we participate in God's work. For God himself is engaged not only in the work of salvation, but also in the work of preserving and maintaining His creation." - Nancy Pearcey, Total Truth
“We are fooling ourselves if we think our prayer time has to be different from any other time. It shouldn’t be different because we are called to walk beside God in our work times just as much as we would during our prayer times." - Brother Lawrence, Practicing The Presence of God
>> Let’s Get To Worshipful Work
- Guard Your Heart
- Mind The Gap
- Do Your Work Well
- Embrace Sabbath rest

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