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Life Beyond the Middle Series (#Resilience)
How many sermons have we listened to? How many church services have we been a part of? How many Christian/inspirational books have we purchased much less read? The key to living a blessed life is to go beyond reading and listening to a place of obeying and doing. This series is for anyone who is: tired of just “average”, “doing alright", living an “ok” life, and ready to live a life of true success and significance by escaping the ordinary.
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Pastor Vince Thomas, Jr.
#Resilience - The Church of Smyrna
Life Beyond the Middle Series
Revelation 2:8-11 (NLT)

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Purpose of the book of Revelation and the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches is to open the perspective of Christians to from local to eternal realities. There is more to life than what we see today. The Book of Revelation is a letter of current and eternal victory.
Today's Key Word is: ________________________
Resilience is defined as: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

The Resilience of Desmond Doss

As a medic, he found himself on the front lines of intense combat during one of the bloodiest batteries of World War II in the Pacific and was committed to doing everything within his power and his personal convictions (not carrying a weapon) to not leave any of his fellow soldiers behind (including the ones who ridiculed him for his stance).

Breakdown of the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches

Context of the Church of Smyrna

- The only Greek city on the west coast of the Egan which still retains its name and which may still be classed among the great cities of the Orient. Smyrna is the next most important city to Ephesus—and far more beautiful (2:8–11).
- It is a wealthy city, thanks to its trade, safe harbour, fertile valley and major road to the Far East. Today Smyrna is Izmir, the thriving city of Turkey.
- Extreme pressure to pledge allegiance to cultural relevance. No gray area. Either pledge their allegiance to Caesar or face imminent death.
Regardless of external pressures, the church of Smyrna was unwilling to relinquish their internal convictions.
The Story of the Church of Smyrna
Dead but is now alive: refers to the period of 300 years where the city of Smyrna laid in devastation.
Key Terms in Revelation 2:9
Know - oida- reflect on “You were on my mind”

Suffering - combination of three words crushing due to pressure beneath the weight (thlipsis), kingdom (basileia), and steadfast endurance (hupomone).

Poverty - someone who refuses to satisfy their needs through their own hands

Synagogue of Satan - religious spirit
The foundation of Resilience is JOY!
Battle-Tested Protection in Adversity - The Armor of God

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Reflection + Discussion

1. When you think of the days when your walk with the Lord was "fresh and new" what were some of the activities you would take part in?
2. How can we cultivate a fresh relationship with the Lord and guard against becoming extremely busy doing "good deeds?"
3. What one change could you make this week that would help you rekindle your passion for God?

Live Authentically

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