Living Waters Church Kyabram
Living Waters Church Kyabram Sunday 17th March 2019
Saturday Morning.
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  • Living Waters Church Kyabram
    60 Allan St, Kyabram VIC 3620, Australia
    Sunday 10:00 AM
God had prepared a way for them
His Promise = His Victory
His Promise = His Way
Life Group Questions.
Living Waters Church
Sunday 17th March 2019 – Every Place Strong Hold
Read Joshua 1:3
What is a strong hold? How can we stop them from forming?
What lessons can we learn from the account of the defeat of Jericho?
How had God prepared a way for the victory over Jericho? How does God prepare us for the victory?
Read Joshua 5:2, why this important?
Joshua 6:1-2 How can we see as God sees?
What was the plan that God gave to Joshua?
Read and discuss Hebrews 11:6 and 11:30.