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The Stain
Mark 7:1-30
Apart from a relationship with God through Jesus, our hearts, attitudes, and actions are stained. Jesus can touch and heal our stain.
Jesus - Savior, King, Son of God
Mark 1: The Dance/The Battle
Mark: 1-5 Authority, Power, Rest
Mark 4: Kingdom Invitation and Response
The Stain
In Mark's stories of Jesus healing, he was dealing with the stain in people's lives. Every person feels the stain in their life; that we are insignificant, inadequate, bad, wrong.
The Stain: Outside-in cleaning
The Pharisees tried to make themselves clean by being very religious. Others try to do the same by being successful, well-liked, look a certain way, do enough good things.
Outside-in cleaning requires we prove to others and God that we are good, clean, not stained. It is done on our own power and our own wisdom. It often leads us to reject people who are not life us.
Outside-in cleaning does not work because our problem is a heart problem. This heart-problem comes when people (starting with Adam and Eve) tried to live apart from a relationship with their Creator. Genesis 2:2-7
The Stain: Inside-out cleaning
The Stain: Inside-out cleaning
The Syrophonecian woman was willing to admit she was stained. She did not come to Jesus confident of her own goodness, but asking what she didn't deserve based on his goodness.
The Stain: Inside-out cleaning
In the same way, the deaf-mute man only brought his need. Jesus didn't just see a stain, but saw a person, shared his pain, and touched and healed his stain.
Jesus the Savior
Jesus is the anointed savior, the Son of God, the King, the only one who can forgive and heal our stain.
Weekly Reflection: The Stain: Mark 7-8
Daily Prayer: Jesus, I was made for a relationship with you. Apart from you I am restless, do wrong, and am stained. You are the one who meets my needs, who makes the wrong in my life turn to right. You are the Savior, the King.
Day 1: The Stain - Read Genesis 2:1-7
Internal stain: Why did Adam and Eve eat the fruit?
Where do I feel inadequate, inconsequential?
External stain: What happened to Adam and Eve?
Where do I do wrong in thought, word, or deed?
Confess: Jesus, apart from you I am stained. Show me where and how I try to live apart from you.
Day 2: Outside-In Cleaning - Read Mark 7:1-5, 14-23
The Pharisees tried to fix their stain by doing certain things. What do I do to try to deal with my feelings of inadequacy or the wrong things in my life? Confess: Jesus, I am stained and try to find love, value, and approval in many things instead of finding them in you.
Day 3: Inside-Out Cleaning - Read Mark 7:240-30
For all our effort to try to be right and look un-stained, the Syrophonecian woman came to Jesus not on her own accomplishments, but trusting that he could and would help her because He was good. How does this show humility? Are you willing to admit your own stain, and come to him to help you? Confess: Jesus, I am stained and can not do anything about it, but you can and you do!
Day 4: Inside-Out Cleaning - Mark 7:31-37
Jesus did exactly what the deaf-mute man needed. Admit your stains to him. Spend time reflecting that Jesus experiences your stain and understands what you feel. Confess: Jesus, you look at me and see not just a stain but a child you created and love. Help me follow you to a better kind of life!
Day 5: The Savior - Read Mark 8:27-30
Peter's confession admitted that Jesus was a savior. Do you believe that you need a savior every day, to give wisdom, power, perspective, and strength for what is good and right that day? Confess: Jesus, you are what my heart has longed for. I have been stained by trying to fill that longing in other (even good) things, instead of you.


We give generously, remembering God has given us everything and it is His! You can give by credit card, debit card, or through your US bank account using Create an account to give quickly in the future!

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