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Eternal Destination
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If there is no bad news, then there is no good news.
Parable of the Rich Man & Lazarus
1) This is a story that speaks to the reality of future judgement based on one’s decisions in life.
2) It’s a story that realistically portrays the fate of those who have rejected the Lord.
3) It’s a story of those who place their trust and faith in the Lord while the opportunity exists.
We must base our understanding and our lives on what the Bible says and live accordingly.
Francis Chan
“We can’t be wrong on this one.”
A loving God has provided the way to escape an eternity in hell.
By denying the existence and endlessness of hell, we minimize Christ’s work on the cross. We lower the stakes of redemption.
If Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection didn’t deliver us from eternal hell, his work on the cross is less heroic, less consequential, and thus less deserving of our worship and praise.
The Bible makes it clear that all have sinned, and we all deserve eternal punishment. But thank God, he provided a way out!
God does not want anyone to go to hell (2 Peter 3:9). That is why God made the ultimate, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice on our behalf. If you want to not go to hell, receive Jesus as your Savior.
Write your questions about heaven for next week on the connect card.
We need to see heaven for what it is: the realm we were made for. If we do, we’ll embrace the prospect of heaven with contagious joy, excitement, and anticipation.
A.W. Tozer
“The church is constantly being tempted to accept this world as her home…But if she is wise, she will consider that she stands in the valley between the mountain peaks of eternity past and eternity to come. The past is gone forever, and the present is passing as swift as the shadow on the sundial of Ahaz. Even if the earth should continue a million years not one of us could stay to enjoy it. We do well to think of the long tomorrow.”
Theologian Wayne Grudem
“Christians often talk about living with God in heaven forever…But in fact the biblical teaching is richer than that: it tells us that there will be new heavens and a new earth, an entirely renewed creation, and we will live with God there.”
John Piper
“God promises that the glory of his people will demand a glorious creation to live in. So when God makes all things new, he makes us new spiritually and morally, he makes us new physically, and then he makes the whole creation new so that our environment fits our perfected spirits and bodies.”
Randy Alcorn
“He promises us a New Earth. If the word Earth in this phrase means anything, it means that we can expect to find earthly things there, including atmosphere, mountains, water, trees, people, houses, even cities, buildings, and streets.”
I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross in my place and for forgiving my sins. I give You my life and my heart. I receive You as my Savior and Lord — the one I will follow from here on out. I want You to guide my life and decisions. I ask You to take control of my life. Thank You for giving me eternal life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be.