Destiny Christian Center
GALATIANS: Fully Known. Fully Loved. Nothing More.
STRENGTH - The release of God’s abilities within us.
Locations & Times
  • Destiny Christian Center
    3801 SE 29th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73115, USA
    Saturday 9:00 PM
The Kingdom of God is built on something much stronger than your religious devotion to God. The Kingdom of God is built on God’s LOVE for you!
In God’s Kingdom strength is born from weakness.
Christianity is not about religious devotion to God’s agenda. Christianity is about dying to self so Jesus can LIVE through our surrendered, available lives.
The Holy Spirit is confined when we remain unbroken before God.
We Bring GP2RL Action Point:
Read through the Book of Galatians this week, listening to what the Holy Spirit wants to say as you read.


We have the privilege of hearing from people all the time who tell us how their lives and families have been greatly impacted by our church family and ministry. Giving creates these opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Destiny Church is totally funded by you, the church. Lives that are changed every week are because you give of yourself to make it happen.