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  • Dickson
    7575 OK-199, Ardmore, OK 73401, USA
    Saturday 5:30 PM
Wise: gk- pronimos – prudent, careful, cunning, discerning, thoughtful, intelligent or sensible

Behavior of a snake

They don’t announce their presence when moving to a new territory

Lay low

Blend in to environment


Nearly invisible

They seek to find what kind of opportunities are in the area

Ex. Crosspoint

They find protection

They observe their prey

When all this is assimilated the serpent is ready to strike

Jesus said there is wisdom in a serpents behavior from which we need to learn!

What to do when God calls us to do something


Move to a new territory

Seize a divine opportunity

A common mistake is to act to fast or react to our circumstances

Ie. Peter

Making mistakes which often lead to failure of our mission

Know when to seize the moment

Timing is crucial

When it is time to act, put your fears and emotions aside

If you let the Holy Spirit become your eyes and ears, you will never fail to recognize key moments and divine opportunities for your life, family, business or ministry


Learn the landscape of you new environment

Locate places of spiritual shelter for you and your family

See what kind of attacks could potentially come against you

Take time to really understand the opportunities around you

Take advantage of your preparation time before you announce great and glorious plans, making sure that you are completely informed of all the facts.