Riverside Church
Purposeful and Practical Prayer
Pastor Jim preaches from Acts 12:1-25
Locations & Times
  • James River Day School
    5039 Boonsboro Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24503, USA
    星期日 10:00 上午
I. The result of obedience to the Lord - Acts 12:5-11
A. Release from Personal Bonds
II. The result of believing prayer - Acts 12:12-19
A. Joy for the Intercessors
III. The result of robbing God's glory - Acts 12:20-23
A. Punishment that leads to Destruction
IV. The result of sharing the Word of God -Acts 12:24-25
A. Growth and Fulfillment
Daily Cleansed
Continually Seek
Expectantly Wait
Faithfully Believe
It is Done!

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