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Breaking Free From Laziness
Sunday, March 3, 2019 - Pastor George Powers Breaking Free From Hidden Wounds
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  • Palm Valley Baptist Church
    4890 Palm Valley Rd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
I. Reasons why comfort over laziness is __________.
1.The first reason laziness is a big deal is it keeps us from living the ________ ______ that God intends.

Laziness insolates us from spiritual ____________.

2.But the second thing laziness does is it messes with our ___________ __________.
Signs of Laziness:

1.________ over ________
2. _________
3.__________ is the lack of _____________.
II.We Need to gain a new __________.

1.I must care about God’s ___ _______

God’s bigger picture is that I am a __________ of my time and my talents and my treasures. The big picture is not there to _______ what God has given you.

2.I must care about the _____ __ ______.
III. A ______ to conquer laziness.

1.Stop being surprised when ________ and _____ are uncomfortable!
2.Seek to really _________ the "big picture" and the "gift of today."
3.Set a realistic plan to develop some life-enhancing ________.
4._______ the plan with a trusted and encouraging friend.
5.______ ________. Start with one, small sacrifice or one area of laziness you know you battle.

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