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Devoted: Building God’s Image, Not My Own
Welcome to Grace Chapel! Where the cultural pushes us to look at our preferences, our opinions, and our level of comfort with this or that idea or trend, the Gospel pushes us to surrender to the One who is true and trustworthy. In this message, we look at what it means to stand for God’s glory more than our own.
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Being devoted to God starts by knowing WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE STAND FOR.
We become obsessed with what we worship.
When we are consumed with BUILDING our image, it distracts from God’s image.
Worship cannot be forced, it is a RESPONSE of the heart to what we value the most.
Dispel your PRIDE so it does not distract from God’s image.
The Babylonian Motto:

Isaiah said in 47:10, “I am, and there is none besides me.”

Two ditches of pride:

Beth Moore — “A prevailing sense of inferiority is just another form of self-absorption.”
Be devoted to God means that we are relentless in keeping the FIRST and GREATEST commandment. (Exodus 20:3, Matthew 22:37)

How do I keep the greatest commandment?
• Heart — Great affection
• Soul — Great faith
• Mind — Great knowledge

This week I will…
• Evaluate where I may have feelings of superiority or inferiority and ask God for help in changing my perspective. (Romans 12:2)
• I will memorize Matthew 22:37-38.
• I will talk with someone about this sermon and find greater ways to apply it.

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