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Philemon: Grace on the Run - Part One
He became a slave... Who became a fugitive.... Who came to know Christ... And overcame it all. Hear the story of Onesimus, the slave who betrayed Philemon, and the passionate efforts of Paul to convince Philemon to change his mind about this truly changed man.
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Sunday Setlist
The Lion and the Lamb - Leeland
God With Us - Jesus Culture
There's No Other Name - Bethel Music
How Great Thou Art - Stuart Wesley & Keene Hine
Author: Paul
Written from: A Roman Prison.
Written to: Philemon, a wealthy man who hosted a church in his home.
Written about: Onesimus, a runaway slave.
Lessons to Learn from Philemon
Don't deny your problems, face them.
With your problem you can:
Curse it
With your problem you can:
Nurse it
With your problem you can:
• Let God reverse it.
Don't focus on what was, but on what can be.
formerly: pote (pot-eh'); in the old time, in time past, formerly. hope.

but now: de nuni (deh, noo-nee'); no longer the past, but now.

Think About This Week:
Is there a problem or and issue that you haven’t faced in your past that you need to give to God?

Think About This Week:
Pray and ask the Lord to give you a Pote Denuni moment to heal your heart from your past and thrust you into your God given future.
Think About This Week:
Is there someone in your past that you need to forgive?