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Why Jesus—Part 2
Often, you don’t realize what you have because of Christ. Through faith in him, you not only receive eternal life, but you have what you need for the here and now. Join us for the new series, Why Jesus. Let's discover why Jesus is enough.
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Why Jesus [Part 2]—Tim Haring

Problem: We don’t realize that our faith is only as good as the object in which it is placed.
Solution: Because of who Jesus is, we can trust him completely.
Today's Takeaway: Because of who Jesus is, we can trust him completely.
Last week, we explored five changes that take place when we put our faith in Christ:
A new identity
A new family
A new destiny
A new kingdom
A new beginning
Dr. Norman Geisler explains:

“…Christ is the perfect visible representation and manifestation of …God. [The word image] eikōn means the very substance or essential embodiment of something or someone."
"The term 'firstborn' does not refer to time (as though Christ were the first thing God created) but to position."–Dr. Wiersbe
Seven Characteristics of Jesus
Jesus was and is:
God in the flesh
Our Sovereign Creator
The Heir of all things
The One who holds everything together
The Head of the church
The Ruler over death
The Reconciler
Today's Takeaway: Because of who Jesus is, we can trust him completely.

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