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2.17.2019 | The Reality of Hell
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February 17, 2019

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Wednesday Night Adult Group
We have begin a new Wednesday study based on the evangelistic training course. “The Way of The Master”. It is an 8 week video & discussion session to help equip the church to be intentional and effective in our desire to share Christ with our friends and family. We encourage everyone to attend!
BGMC Sunday
We will have our annual BGMC Sunday on March 3. It is the 70th Anniversary of BGMC, so we want to bless that ministry in an awesome fashion. Our goal last year was $1500. We will reveal how we did on the 3rd.
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We will be collecting the baby bottles full of change today. If you did not receive one, but still want to donate, there are bottles on each of the sign up tables in the foyer. Paper money and checks payable to HLS are acceptable too!
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"Dancing to Darkness" was postponed due to inclement weather this past week. The rescheduled date is Tues., Feb. 26, 6:00 p.m. at Dee D'Agostino's. Please see Anna with RSVP and food you are able to provide that night. Anna will leave the church around 5:40 p.m. for those who would like to ride with her to Dee's house. Just meet in the church parking lot!
Ladies Bible Study - Part 2
“Finding Healing ~ Part 2- Chapter 10” Begins Mon. Mar 4 @ 6:30 pm
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"The Wave" That’s right, back by popular demand, the ladies will have another paint date on Sat. March 9 from 9:30 am-12:30 pm, led by Bobbi Jo. Come prepared to be the next Michelangelo! Pizza and salad will be provided. Cost is $5.00 per person. Please sign up if you are able to join us.

Spaghetti Dinner & Dessert Auction Fundraiser
Mark your calendars for Sun. Feb 24 as our teens once again “dish out” a marvelous spaghetti lunch as a way to fund their annual trip to the district youth convention. Our dessert auction will also be making a return this year. We encourage everyone to attend for a great time of fellowship and fundraising! Please sign up in the lower foyer! Donations of lunch supplies would be appreciated and help defer the cost to the teens. Deadline for donations is Sun. Feb. 10! Thank you for your support!
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This is a new venture for our teens and our church. On Sun. Mar 17, we are going to cancel Sunday school and in it’s place we will offer an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast designed to help the teens make their fundraising goal. This will be open to the community, so be sure to invite as many as you can. Sign up in the lower foyer.
District Fine Arts – April 17 & 18
Those who scored well in the sectional competition will compete in Districts, which includes the states of PA & DE.
“Hope Now” Youth Convention – April 18-20
This is the annual event that has been our fundraising goal. It’s a great weekend of fun, fellowship and spiritual transformation. Keep the teens in constant prayer to be open to what God has for them!

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As our church continues to grow, we are in need of dedicated adults who would be willing to rotate as leaders in our infant nursery. If would like to be a part of this vital ministry, please put your name and “nursery” on a blue card and put it in the offering plate. Thank you for your help!
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We are also in need of a few men to help our platform decorators, Brad & Katie. This would involve about 2 hours every 3-4 months as they redecorate the stage area. Please see Katie or Brad if you are available to help!
To Chris Jones on his achievement at Dover High School!

From Dover Area School District's Facebook page:

Dover's school store, The RED Zone, received Gold-level certification through DECA's School-Based Enterprise program for 2019. The student management team of Victor D, Chris J, and Elijah S submitted a 50-page paper indicating how our school-based enterprise follows select model business standards to achieve this certification. They are now invited to compete in the SBE event at DECA ICDC in Orlando, FL this April!
The SBE Chapter Certification Program recognizes outstanding achievement by school-based enterprises. The program provides SBEs with standards for model operations and recognition at three levels: bronze, silver and gold.
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Please take time to review and pray for those on this list. Drop them a card or call to set up a time to visit. They will be blessed!
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~ Beulah S.
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We started a new study on Wednesday nights and we're going to discuss one of its topics today. The class is focusing on evangelism and the responsibility that we all have to share the gospel. It is designed to equip us to do it better and prayerfully more effectively.

But the main thrust of the class, the topic that designed to motivate us as believers to be about our father’s business in the reality of hell. It’s a topic that no one really likes to think about and much less hear preached about.

We like to hear about the promises of God, the goodness of God, the mercy of God, the blessings of God. Nobody like to think about what really happens when we die, but it is a reality that we all know, but sometimes put in the back of our minds.

Even though we know it’s true, we hate to think about it because it is so horrific. Theologian R.C. Sproul was asked what doctrine he struggled with the most and he said “HELL”.

It’s a doctrine that I’m sure we all struggle with, but it’s something Jesus talked a lot about.
If God is a loving God, why is there a HELL?
Hell is a place that was never designed for people.
Before Adam sinned, heaven was our default place to go after death, but since then, we have all sinned and have chosen to not follow God.
So even though Adam started it, we all sinned as well.

When we chose to not have Christ in our lives, God is allowing us to make that choice.

Let's look at how God describes hell in His word.
There is a teaching that this is a parable, using the description of hell as a type of punishment, that it really isn’t a real place, just an illustration.

Something that gets our attention, but isn’t real. An exaggeration.

The problem with that, is that this isn’t a parable, but a real life account.

Jesus never used names or specific places in parables. They were generalities used to illustrate a point, and the Bible almost always prefaces the parable stating that it is a parable. Here are a few examples of that...
This is also NOT an account of rich people going to hell and poor people going to heaven.

It could just as easily have been the other way around. It’s not our wealth and possessions that determine where we go, it’s our trust in Christ.

This account is meant to teach us in graphic detail what hell is like.

So if this is a real account, let’s look at the details so we can understand the reality of hell.
The Jewish custom for people of means was to have an elaborate funeral, with paid mourners, costly spices and an awesome tomb. So the rich man had all those things and that is how they described his death, by the funeral.

Lazarus had nothing, probably no funeral service to speak of. But his death was described by being carried to Abraham’s side.

Which would you rather have? A great service here with lots of people and pomp? But that is all you would have.

...or to be ushered into the presence of Jesus?
The rich man was fully conscious, awake and aware of his surroundings.

Some believe that when you die, that’s it, there is nothing after that.
The Bible says that . . .
Your physical body is gone, but your spirit lives on.

Also, there is no time lag between death and heaven or hell. No purgatory, no soul sleep, no intermission. The minute you close your eyes here you awake there.
Hell isn’t just a figurative place, but it is a place of never ending fire.

You will feel pain and the pain will never end.

The rich man is now asking for pity or mercy. God is full of mercy and grace as long as we walk on this earth.

His mercy is shown by Christ’s substitutionary death in our place.

Jeremiah tells us his mercies are new every morning.
But his mercy ends when we die.

Everyone has the opportunity to know about God while we are alive.
There will be no second chances, no mercy, no pity.
The rich man never acknowledged that every good thing he had was from God. He also never followed the Old Testament laws about helping the poor.

It says that the dogs licked the rich man’s sores, but the rich man didn’t do anything.

Do we acknowledge that all that we have and are is totally because of God’s goodness?

Notice that he also has a memory. People in hell will remember everything. They will especially remember every time they heard about Christ and refused.
There are no second chances, no one to pray you out. No accepting Christ after you die.

No help or comfort from people we know (remember) who are in heaven.

How would heaven be if we could see our loved ones in torment?

Hell is eternal with no chance of escape.
You will also remember the family you left behind. You will also remember the times that you persuaded them to NOT believe.

Imagine living with the knowledge that you were responsible for your family and friends also going to hell?

And that there is nothing you will be able to do about it.
God’s word!

Especially in the US, where Bibles are everywhere and even free on your phone, nobody can say they didn’t have access to the truth.

God’s word will speak to people if they are willing to listen.
This sentence gets to part of the crux of the teaching on Wednesday nights. The rich man knew what he should have done and he knows what his family needed TO DO.


He wasn’t concerned about Jesus making their lives better on earth, they probably had it made. If he was rich, they probably were as well. Their lives were probably pretty nice.

He was concerned about their eternal salvation. Not about making their lives better.
Why do we need to discuss hell? We all know about it and are glad we aren’t going there.

So why talk about it?
1) So we can renew our sense of urgency so that we are willing and able to tell people how to avoid it. No one deserves to go there, it wasn’t designed for them anyways, and we have what they need to avoid it. It is so horrific, we should always carry around that image to encourage us to save others from that punishment. Can you imagine the horrors of hell? Then don’t sit around and not do anything about it. That should be our motivation.

2) With that motivation in mind, when we talk about Christ to others, we need to focus our discussion on what happens when you die. How to avoid to judgment and punishment of God. If our conversation is mostly based on what God can do for you HERE, we are missing the reason for Christ’s death. TO SAVE US FROM JUDGMENT! NOT STRICTLY TO MAKE YOUR LIFE HERE BETTER.

The joy and peace that we experience isn’t because our lives are better, but we have joy knowing that when it’s all over, whatever the outcome, I’ll be with Christ for eternity.
If people come to Jesus because they think he’ll make their life better here and that is the only reason, what happens when their lives aren’t necessarily better?

Everyone here has some family or loved ones that right now are destined to be in eternal torment in hell with no chance of ever getting out. On fire forever.

What are we going to do about it?

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