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Why Jesus—Part 1
Often, you don’t realize what you have because of Christ. Through faith in him, you not only receive eternal life, but you have what you need for the here and now. Join us for the new series, Why Jesus. Let's discover why Jesus is enough.
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    Sunday 8:00 AM
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    Sunday 5:55 PM


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Beautiful Day, Over All I Know, Living Hope, More to Come

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Why Jesus [Part 1]—Tim Haring

Problem: We don’t realize what we have in Christ.
Solution: Jesus changes everything

Discussion Questions

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Today's Takeaway: Jesus changes everything.
Change takes place when we place our faith in Christ. We receive:

A new identity
A new family
A new destiny
Two additional changes that take place when we put our trust in Christ We become part of a new kingdom.
We receive a new beginning.
Today's Takeaway: Jesus changes everything.
Five changes that take place are that we receive:
A new identity
A new family
A new destiny
A new kingdom
A new beginning
Six things that Paul prays, that characterize the Christian’s life:
That they would know God’s will
That they would live to please Christ
That they would bear fruit with their lives
That they would know God better and better
That they would be strong in God’s power to endure
That they would be filled with joy

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