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We believe that the Bible is God's Word that helps us face all the opportunities and challenges that come our way.
"God Has No Grandchildren"
Psalm 78

Children and youth today are smarter about their culture and surroundings that most of us as adults. They are connected to media like never before. They are exposed to things that never even existed when we were kids. But there’s an area of life where many are sadly ignorant; faith and relationship in Jesus Christ. While most kids today could recite the lyrics of 20 of their favorite songs, most have little knowledge or understanding of the great truths about God. We, as adults, can change that. We, as disciples of Christ are mandated to share our faith to this next generation. Join me as we look at a song that had this very truth in mind as we understand, “God has no grandchildren.”
Share your encounters with _______________ to the children in your _________________.

Anticipated blessings when we share our encounters with God to children….

They should come to ________________ God themselves.
They can _________________ others about Him.
They will ______________ God in obedience.

Anticipated consequences when we don’t share our encounters with God to children…

They will _____________ about God.
They will _______________ against God.
They will be __________________ by God.

God is so great and He’s _____ to us.