Palm Valley Baptist Church
Breaking Free From Envy
Sunday, February 17, 2019 - Pastor George Powers Breaking Free From Hidden Wounds
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  • Palm Valley Baptist Church
    4890 Palm Valley Rd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
1. You can’t be happy and envious because envy _______ ___________ that it doesn’t have.
2. Envy starts with _____ _________ and there could be legitimate opportunities for you to be jealous.

3. Envy distracts you from the ______ _______.

4. Envy looks to _______ someone when envy should be _______ _______ self.
a. The real issue is the brothers wanted ______ _____.

5. Envy clouds your ___________.

6. When you’re envious, you don’t need the ______ _________.

7. Envy will also reduce a person down to a ______ or a name.

8. Envy says, “If __ can’t have it, I don’t want ____ to have it either.”

9. The sin that entangles our lives, we will pass it on to the _____ _________ if we don’t deal with it.

10. Envy is ______-__________.
To attack envy I must…
1. First of all I must _____________ __ ______.
a. ____ am I envious of?
2. The second thing I’d encourage you is ____________ __ _____.
a. At the heart of envy is the ____ that God ______ you.
b.We get into trouble with envy is when we take our focus off of God and we put it on _____________.
3.I need learn how to ___________ with _______.

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