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Do You Love Me? He answered it first
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What comes to your mind when I mention the word “betrayal”?
• Words – back stabber, traitor, Judas, rat, snake in the grass

• Pictures – your wife in the arms of another man, your Dad walking away from your family to pursue selfish desires, a friend choosing a different group to hang with because your not cool enough

• God paints the picture of this sin in Matthew 27:45-46

• David tells of its horror in Psalm 55:11-14

John 18:15-18 – Bold promises ended in devastating failure
John 21:1-13 – What did Jesus come to that seashore to do?
Get revenge and leave His betrayers in the depths of the sea

• Find out why these cowards left Him at His most critical moment

• Condemn them and hold their sin over their heads forever
No! He came to…

Remind them
• I Loved You First – before any connection or commitment

• Your ways have not changed My heart

• Remember my words over you – You are Mine, I have chosen you and protected you because I love you John 17:6-26

Restore them
• Your way isn’t working – “Children have you got any food”

• My call over you has not changed (same story when He first called)

• You can know real love again! Purpose and passion again! Value again! (153 fish – more than you can contain)

Refocus them
• He didn’t call them to catch fish – They had a much higher call

Jesus endured the most grievous of all sins just to show us we can never escape His love and call for us!
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