Cadyville Wesleyan Church
Mosaic- Week 5- Unity Through Diversity
The church of Jesus is a masterpiece. When it operates as it was designed, it is unstoppable. But too often there is a disconnect between our dream of what the church should be and what the church is. Our upcoming teaching series, Mosaic, strives to demonstrate how the church is invited to take up the mantle that Jesus began so many years ago. It's only when fragments come together that the masterpiece takes shape. Each week, we will be challenged to embrace our place in the artwork of the church and how we can come together to create something beautiful.
Locations & Times
  • Mosaic Church
    2083 NY-3, Cadyville, NY 12918, USA
    Saturday 6:00 PM
Mosaics are breath-taking works of art, often made from broken pieces repurposed, restored out of their brokenness to create something beautiful.
The church is uniquely designed to be countercultural, calling us to commit to one another to see the mission of God move forward.
Because you are an essential part of the body of Christ, when you do not participate in what God is doing, the whole body suffers!
When we discover the function that we play, we realize we are critical, indispensable, integral parts of the body of Christ.

Bob Russel work of art #1: "The Invisible Man"

Bob Russel work of art #2: "Blizzard Whiteout"

Bob Russel work of art #3: Lights Off in a Coal Mine"

The church must intentionally come together to be who God is calling us to be. The mosaic of the church won't happen until we commit to making it happen, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.
The challenge that Jesus is giving to his church is that we are called to step outside of our comfort to fulfill a mission, to look beyond ourselves, and to come together in a radical way that reveals the heart of God to the world around us.
The world will never hear the message of God if the people of God are divided.
God didn’t call us in spite of our differences, he called us together because of them!
Cling tight to Jesus’ prayer that we become united as one, honoring our uniqueness, but holding fast to the mission that God has given us, the mission that draws us together.

Church mosaic photo. Link to full-res photo below.

Discovering your spiritual gifts answers the question
“What should I do 
when I serve?”
Discovering your personality style answers the question
“How can I best serve?”
There are no right or wrong personal styles; they’re just different.
This assessment seeks to discover two things:
1) How are you energized?
2) How are you organized?
When you serve in a way that is inconsistent with your personal style, it leads to:
- Inauthentic relationships
- Decreased motivation
- Burnout

Example of how the Personal Style chart will work.

Task-Oriented people:
- Are energized by
- doing things
- accomplishing tasks
- working with people who share your commitment to the task
- Can feel awkward or frustrated with a lot of relational activities.

People-Oriented people:
- Are energized by
- interpersonal relationships
- people interactions
- working with people in a team setting
- Can feel awkward when handling 
a lot of tasks
BOTH Task & People Oriented Individuals value developing relationships and meeting goals!
Unstructured people:
- Put everything into piles
- Are less concerned with being precise
- Prefer lots of options and flexibility
- Prefer a variety of activities
- Are comfortable
 in undefined situations
- Like spontaneous 
Structured people:
- Put everything into files
- Plan and bring order to their lives
- Enjoy stable, consistent relationships
- Make decisions and seek closure
- Are more detailed
- Like things clearly defined
Task Unstructured

You tend to:
- Like general guidelines
- Be versatile
- Get tangible results
- Help wherever needed
Serving opportunities could be:
- Event setup/breakdown
- Special events organizer
- Building projects team
Task Structured
You tend to:
- Get the job done
- Focus on results
- Follow an agenda
- Appreciate clear direction
Serving opportunities could be:
- Sound and media team
- Offering taker/counter
- Project assistance teams
People Unstructured
You tend to:
- Be very conversational
- Be flexible
- Relate well with others
- Like spontaneous situations
Serving opportunities could be:
- Greeter and Assimilation team member
- Visitation Team member
- Information center
People Structured
You tend to:
- Project warmth
- Like defined relationships
- Relate well with others
- Enjoy familiar surroundings
Serving opportunities could be:
- Small group leader
- Team leader
- Assimilation strategic leader
Remember: There are no right or wrong Personal Style. God can and WILL use every style!
Caution: Your personality style does explain our behavior, but it does not excuse it.