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The book of Isaiah is seen as a__________________. Like the Bible with_________________.
The first 39 chapters are looked upon as reflective of the Old Testament while chapters 40-66 are viewed as the New Testament. Chapter 40 is a prophetic pivot where the prophet no longer speaks about judgement and condemnation but about hope and restoration.
What are some of the debates that scholars have had about the book of Isaiah and its authorship? Why are their assertions wrong?
Chapter 40 is beautifully poetic. It paints a picture of a marvelous rebirth.
In what way does the New Testament use the first few verses of Isaiah 40?
What are some of the promises in verses 1-11 that you are going to apply to yourself?
How does the attributes of God described in verses 12-27 help to deepen your confidence in him?
What does it mean to wait on the Lord?
How are you choosing to wait on Him?
How do you handle tiredness in real life or from a spiritual standpoint?
Think of the eagle and the qualities it possesses; how are you going to apply this in your personal walk with the Lord? How do these attributes apply to God?

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