Grace Community Church
February 10, 2019 Grace Community Church: Boone, Iowa
Worship Service: February 10, 2019
Locations & Times
  • Grace Community Church
    625 S Division St, Boone, IA 50036, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Today's Sermon:
"Jesus Paid it All"

I. What to Believe

A. We Believe Jesus was a Man Who .....
- Vs. 31-34

B. We Believe Jesus Died for ....
- Vs. 36-37
II. Why to Believe

A. We Believe on the Basis of .....
- Vs. 35
B. We Believe on the Basis of ...
- Vs. 36-37
III. What Difference Does it Make?
A. Those Who Believe Are...
- Vs. 34
B. Those Who Believe are ....
- Vs. 34

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