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Christ Revealed - For the World - Part 1
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
Idea: Jesus came to do something new for the world.

Why Know this?: So as not to try and brush over the stark contrast between Him and what came before.
-Jesus was the bridge between the old and new covenants
-Born under one to introduce the other.
-Those who profit the most from the status quo are least inclined to let it go.
-The Bible is God’s Word. But every word is not for everybody.

-Jesus would reduce the 600+ Jewish laws to two. Then in the end, to 1, and send His followers into the world to teach what HE, not Moses, commanded.

-This was a New Movement and the Conclusion of a religious system.

-Jesus revealed a:
New Covenant
New Command
New Movement

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