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Family was the first institution God made. God created male and female in His own image as seen in Genesis 1:27,
He also gave a specific command to them personally saying, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” (v.28) God wanted man and woman to be different than the other living creation, so He made them in His image and gave them a soul.
When you read Genesis 2:22-25, you can see that God expected them to live in harmony and as one with each other. Later after sin came into the world, Adam and Eve were fruitful, as God had commanded them to be, and had children, two at first and then God declared that the third was to be born and families went on from there. God’s plan is that the family would be the major unit of life for human beings and the primary institution for society. But because they were sinners, their lives were flawed and their families had problems and difficulties that followed their children into their own families, and that has happened even today in families.
It is the quality of the couple's relationship that sets the stage for giving birth to a healthy family.—Dr. Jerry M. Lewis, Chief Psychiatrist, Timberlawn Hospital, Dallas
This morning we are going to look at one of the major families in scripture and see how a fractured family came about and how it affected the children and later their children. Turn to Genesis 25:19-34 to see the story of the family of Isaac and Rebekah. And, have ready the scripture in Genesis 27:1-13 as well. These two passages speak of the parents of Jacob and Esau, Isaac and Rebekah who exercised favoritism and partiality with their sons which caused all kinds of trouble in their family. Let’s look at that first passage.
There are times within families that we are troubled by situations. Sometimes the father is more absent than present.

America's ambassador to Japan, Douglas MacArthur II, served as Counselor of the State Department under John Foster Dulles. Like Dulles, MacArthur is a hard worker. Once when Dulles telephoned the MacArthur home asking for Doug, Mrs. MacArthur mistook him for an aide and snapped irately, "MacArthur is where MacArthur always is, weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and nights—in that office!"Within minutes, MacArthur got a telephoned order from Dulles: "Go home at once, boy. Your home front is crumbling." —Time
In the family of Isaac and Rebekah there were troubles because Rebekah had no children. In Jewish families children were important and particularly it was important to have boys. So, with Rebekah barren, Isaac prayed fervently to the Lord that his wife might have children. God has a way to teach us great lessons when there are needs in our lives. For Isaac the need was to have children, yet God wanted them to trust Him and to earnestly pray and seek His face for that which they wanted. (Remember his father had to seek God too for children.) If what we pray for honors God then He may in His gracious love fulfill that prayer request.
The Living Application Bible Commentary says of this incident in the lives of Isaac and Rebekah this commentary, that God may withhold His answers for awhile in order to teach us lessons:
1) deepen our insight into what we really need,
2) broaden our appreciation for His answers,
3) allow us to mature so we can use His gifts more wisely.
Regardless the reason for Isaac, God answered that prayer because God had a plan and purpose for one of their children that was far beyond their comprehension.
When a family does begin, parents should learn many lessons whether they are prepared for them or not. One lesson that I think is so very important is that we not only love the children equally but treat them the same (fairly). Another lesson and more important is, God’s will, will be accomplished in spite of conflict in the home. In the case of Isaac and Rebekah treating the children equally and fairly was not done well. It wasn’t that they didn’t love the children, but it was that they showed great partiality. Rebekah loved Jacob and Isaac loved Esau. Evidently they choose sides and stayed with them. It may have been that even though each parent chose a favorite, maybe they did not even love the other child at all. We have no evidence of that but there seems to be that possibility. Although each child exhibited characteristics that were loved by one parent greater than another, something also might be involved in the partiality of Rebekah to Jacob. She had been told by God that Jacob would be the father of a nation that would rule over the other and Esau would serve the younger brother. Maybe she just leaned toward being fond of the one she knew would one day be the ruler. I know it is possible because I have not only read it but I have seen it, that parents do treat one child differently than another, which causes great problems. Our hearts as parents ought to lead us to love and treat each child fairly, but not necessarily the same way. All children are different and you deal with them differently but you love them and are fair to them equally.
Great hurt can come from showing favoritism with your children. In the case of Jacob and Esau we can see that there was a plan under way to undo the blessing of the first born, which would normally go to the eldest son, Esau, but Rebekah wanted that for the son she loved, Jacob. Now here is where the plan and purpose of the Lord is able to be fulfilled through the lives of His creation and through their deception, even if they don’t realize that is what is happening. For example, in the Bible, Joseph, the most loved son of Jacob, is treated cruelly and sold into slavery by his brothers, but in the end they will be servants to the one who is second in command of Egypt, Joseph, where he will declare to them,
We can see in the events of the family of Isaac and Rebekah treatery, where Jacob uses the dullness of Esau to steal his birthright just because Esau is hungry. Jacob fixed a stew that he loved, so he could trade the food for Esau’s birthright. It seems like mother’s cunningness has caught on with Jacob. Not only did Jacob steal Esau’s birthright for nothing, he then, with the help of his mother, deceived his father, Isaac, into giving Jacob his father’s blessing as well. That event is told in the following scripture.
We can see in the scripture that God told Rebekah that He had chosen Jacob as the line of the promise and through Him blessings would come to all Israel. So, Jacob with the help of a mother, even though through deception and cunning and lies, God’s plan came about in spite of this fractured family.
When we think of fractured families we have to say that there are a lot of those in scripture: Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, David and his wives, Solomon and his wives, and Jacob and his wives. These are but a few. But problems came to all of them because of sin and even though the parents messed up God’s perfect will could supercede the mistakes and problems caused because of their sin and not listening to the Lord.
We were a large family and that extra five minutes was prayer time for Mother and us children. The place was wherever Mother happened to be when we were all ready to leave. Sometimes it was the kitchen, other times the living room or bedroom, or even out on the porch. But we all kneeled while Mother asked a blessing on each of us individually and thanked the Lord for His provision for us. Often all of our names were spoken and some special blessing asked for each. If a neighborhood child dropped in to walk to school with us (and neighbors often did), they were included in our prayer circle, too. When the prayer was finished. there came a kiss for each, and we were off.Those were Five Important Minutes to each of us.
—Adelaida Blanton
My purpose today is just to remind you that many of you are through with your parenting and like me, maybe you have some regrets and wished that you had done something different. But hey, it is in past and we can’t change what we did, we did it and it is over. Maybe you need to apologize to your children, or one of them, because of some things that you did or did not do, so that things can be cleared up. But maybe you just need to allow God to use whatever happened to bring about His best and perfect will for all in your family. Maybe you are the “child” that had parents that were playing favorites and treated others different than they treated you, You may need to go before the Lord to get rid of bitterness or troubles that have come from your early family life. Maybe you need to go to your parents or maybe a sibling to give or to seek forgiveness from them. Whatever, God is able to help in any circumstance that you may find yourself at this moment.I do believe in the Pauline doctrine that says,
Things may have not been so good but no matter what God is able and powerful enough to work all things out for His glory and your good.
*If things are not going very good at this moment in your family, seek help from God and those who love you. Check with an older couple who has gone through troubles too and ask them to give you good advice.
*One thing for sure you are not alone! Your church family and friends who love you are here. No one is perfect and just about everyone I know needs some help of some kind at some point in their lives.
*Remember the Lord Jesus Christ loves you and He is the perfect helper for any problem.
I want to end this morning saying that many of you have had or are having great families at this moment. Praise the Lord for you and for your family. What an inspiration you are to more people than you know. Thank God for all He has done for you and blessed you with. Our prayer is that this church could help you in some way to be the spiritual family that God desires. Dedicate yourself to the Lord this morning and give thanks for His loving kindness and everlasting love to you and your family. Let’s just praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Let’s just lift our hearts toward heaven and praise the Lord. God is good all the time, all the time, God is good.


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