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The Whole Gospel Pt I - What is it? (Romans 1:16)
Sermon Guide for January 27, 2019
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What impact is the gospel having?
Our understanding of the gospel and what it actually is will determine the direction we go as a church and it will determine how we experience doing life with God and others.
I. What it is not:
The list of beliefs we have often understood to be the gospel often looks something like this:
● God loves you – John 3:16 - …for God so loved the world…
● But you have sinned – Romans 3:23 …for all have sinned...
● The penalty for sin is death – Romans 6:23 …the wages of sin is death…
● But God sent Jesus to die in our place to pay the price for our sin - 2 Corinthians 5:21 ...He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf…
● If we put our faith in Jesus we will be forgiven of our sin and go to Heaven when we die – Romans 10:13 Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.
The gospel is not just a set of facts that explain how a person can avoid hell and go to Heaven when they physically die.
The reality of the whole gospel is simply too awe inspiring, to breathtakingly glorious, too wonderfully powerful and transformational to ignore or simply not take the time to know.
This life in the kingdom of God, demonstrated and declared by Jesus, is shockingly beautiful, profoundly compelling, contagious and powerful.
II. What it is:
The gospel is more like seeing a beautiful picture than it is reading a text book.
These (the gospels) carefully recorded and arranged stories of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus don’t just tells us facts, they paint a picture or form a narrative of God’s work of redemption.
The Gospel can be described as:
The awe inspiring news that the kingdom of God has come upon us in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Now, true life, overflowing with all goodness, joy, purpose and peace is available in His kingdom to everyone willing to surrender to and follow Jesus.
As we begin to know more of the amazing reality of the whole gospel we will be compelled, more and more, to live our lives in this glorious and infinitely good kingdom with Jesus, here, now and forever. As we increasingly come to know this life, we will increasingly and unashamedly declare this gospel to others freely and joyfully.

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