Cadyville Wesleyan Church
Mosaic- Week 3- Better Together
The church of Jesus is a masterpiece. When it operates as it was designed, it is unstoppable. But too often there is a disconnect between our dream of what the church should be and what the church is. Our upcoming teaching series, Mosaic, strives to demonstrate how the church is invited to take up the mantle that Jesus began so many years ago. It's only when fragments come together that the masterpiece takes shape. Each week, we will be challenged to embrace our place in the artwork of the church and how we can come together to create something beautiful.
Locations & Times
  • Mosaic Church
    2083 NY-3, Cadyville, NY 12918, USA
    Jumamosi 6:00 PM
Mosaics are breath-taking works of art, often made from broken pieces repurposed, restored out of their brokenness to create something beautiful.
If you open your hearts to what God is doing, holding nothing back, you can’t help but experience his power and his blessing.
The church is uniquely designed to be countercultural, calling us to commit to one another to see the mission of God move forward.
1 Corinthians 12:12-14, 27 NIV

“It is not good that the man should be alone!”
- Genesis 2:18a
God calls his church to act as a taste of God’s ideal, to become who humanity was meant to be: a committed, cohesive, sacrificial, interdependent people on a mission.
We have developed the belief that Christian as first and foremost an individual, and the church as a collection of individuals.
The Christian life cannot thrive in isolation.
The Christlike church makes three primary commitments to become the church God intended:
Commitment #1: 
Serving one another.
Nothing flies in the face of a culture of arrogance and narcissism like a commitment to service.
The Christlike church makes three primary commitments to become the church God intended:
Commitment #2: 
Supporting one another.
Being a part of God’s church family means you don’t have to struggle alone!
We are being called to enter the messy, scary, heart-wrenching world of one another, offering love and not judgment, offering support without conditions, offering forgiveness without measure.
“God calls us to help other people. He created us to function this way. Your problems are not just your problems— ultimately, they belong to the church body that God has placed you in. You are called to encourage, challenge, and help the other Christians in your life, and they are called to do the same for you. If you wait until all of your own issues are gone before helping others, it will never happen. This is a trap that millions have fallen into, not realizing that our own sanctification happens as we minister to others.”
- Francis Chan
When we come alongside the broken, hurting people God has placed in our lives, we demonstrate the power of God!
We bear with one another, 
we encourage one another, we support one another because, even though it’s messy, it’s not optional.
The Christlike church makes three primary commitments to become the church God intended:
Commitment #3: 
Challenging one another.
The thing that unites the most separated people is their joint commitment to the Kingdom of God and their willingness to see through his eyes, not their own.
In this congregation, our commitment to Jesus is more significant than our commitment to any other ideology.
The church can only become everything God is calling us to be when we join together, hand in hand, to become more together than we ever could be apart.