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Words of Life - Part 3
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The Bible is a special revelationin that it reveals how God has disclosed Himself to special people for the special purpose of revealing His redeeming and reconciling will for a lost humanity.
3 ways through which God reveals His Word:
1. The direct revelation of God to ___________________.
Some examples: Moses (Exodus 3-4); Samuel (1 Samuel 3), Isaiah (Isaiah 6), Paul (Acts 9), Jeremiah (Jeremiah 36:2), The Apostles (John 14:26).
2. The Unique Revelation of God in ____________________.(John 1)

· Jesus was the first, not in time but in significance. (v.3)
· Jesus is the author of the gift of life. (v.4-5)
· Jesus has revealed himself through the incarnation. (v.14)
3. The Indirect Revelation of God through the ___________________.

· Sin prevents us from the ability to fully understand the revelation of God.
· The Scriptures have been provided, as a gift of divine grace, through which God reveals: His acts, His purpose and His word.

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