Green Acres Baptist Church
When Jesus Walks into Your Fears
March 24
Locations & Times
  • Green Acres Baptist Church, Main Campus
    1607 Troup Hwy, Tyler, TX 75701, USA
    Sunday 8:55 AM
1. When we proceed WITHOUT Jesus, we may encounter scary STORMS.
(National Institute for Mental Health)

1. Fear of public speaking
2. Fear of death
3. Fear of terrorist attacks
4. Fear of snakes
5. Fear of spiders and insects
6. Fear of heights
7. Fear of flying
8. Fear of confined spaces
9. Fear of open spaces
10. Fear of thunder and lightning
2. Jesus SEES and CARES when we are STRUGGLING in a storm.
3. Jesus WALKS into your greatest FEARS and says, "Don't be AFRAID."
4. Jesus hasn't promised SMOOTH sailing; but He has promised a SURE destination.
Nothing UNDER the feet of Jesus can be OVER your head!