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Sermon Notes for Manifest Sermon 1/20/19
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  • Monday 12:15 AM
In this passage of Scripture, God prophetically reveals the hearts of the people of Judah, who had turned away from Him and gone after idols. Although their actions may have said differently, in their spirits, they were crying out, “we are not saved” (v20)! Still today, the hearts of people everywhere are crying out, “we are not saved!” Even in their pursuits of other truths and temporary satisfactions, they are truly seeking to be reunited with their heavenly Father. We as believers know how they must be saved: through confession and belief that Jesus Christ is Lord. How can we get this message to the world?
All of creation is waiting eagerly for us, the children of God, to manifest: to show them the love and power of Jesus; to be bold, unafraid to say the name of Jesus.

What does it mean to manifest?
This Scripture talks about who we are as people of God, and how we can meet the needs of those around us who are not yet saved. We are priests, acting as a bridge between God and people, praying and interceding on their behalf. We are a holy nation. God said we indeed could be holy, not allowing our humanity to be an excuse to fall short. We are God’s very own possession: His beloved children (Proverbs 23:26). As a result of all this goodness God has shown towards us, we ought to show His goodness to others. How?
We are the salt of the earth, bringing flavor that the world may taste and see the Lord is good. Jesus warns us against losing our flavor. We maintain it by not getting casual, continuing to have the same love for God we had when we first believed.
We are light, like a city on top of a hill that can’t be hidden. People should be able to see the light of God in us, through us, around us, not for the sake of publicity, but that they may be saved! Let your good deeds for Christ shine. It is a sin to hide what God has bestowed upon us for the good of others. Sometimes there is fear to shine, but in the name of Jesus, battle those feelings! We have to tell others what God has done for us. If you can’t trumpet it out, say it with your small still voice. Don’t hide your treasure!

Folks are looking for the truth, even in their pursuits of other truths. We have the truth! Let’s share it.

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