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FreshStart: Rebooting Your Life (Part 4)
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Rebooting Your Life for 2019
Part 4: Overcoming the World
By Lead Pastor David M. Schmaltz
When thinking of the world and its power to deceive even the elect, how do we Christians respond? We probably have all heard of someone who was formally following God, but now is not. What can we do? How do we hold on? What assurances can we receive from God himself that we will endure and persevere?
Part 4: Overcoming the World
1. Trust in the Power of Christ in You
a. Test the spirits– do not believe everything you hear. Does it bear witness to the Spirit of God in you and the word of God your understanding? Discernment.
b. Those who fear God and believe in Christ will hear you, believe you. You will have fellowship.
c. Us? The Church and the Bible upon which it is founded. Kind of makes it simple doesn’t it?
Stand in the confidence of Christ’s power inside you. He who defeated satan will continue to do so over and over again through you…if you believe
2. Give the love that you have been given
a. When we do not show sacrificial love to others, it shows that we do not understand God’s love for us, and we either blame them or accuse them.
b. This is one of the most curious parts of Christianity that I have experienced. What have we learned about love? When it comes to love, we often give what we expect, but in the end we miss the mark. We think it is loving, others might see it as pushy, controlling, or just plain none of your business.
c. Agape love does not ever come with strings attached. This takes deep soul searching.
d. Question! Is someone being really loving if they ask you do something that is sinful or harmful?
3. Overcome the world with Obedience
a. We show the greatest love to people around us by our faithful obedience to the word of God. Our hearts will not condemn us -our conscience will be clean, our motives will be right, our actions will match the ways of Christ – everything will be undergirded with love.
b. I am convinced that a human being will never be able to love another human being perfectly until we are fully convinced of God’s love for us.
c. God’s love for us is shown by the gift of Jesus – but there is MORE.
4. These things are written that you may KNOW!
a. You have overcome the world – because you believe in the Son.
b. You have eternal life – because you believe in the Son.
c. Your prayers will be answered – because you believe in the Son.
d. Do not be deceived. Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life. He is the only way to true joy. He is the only way to teach you what real love is. He is the only way to get supernatural help in this world.
Today, let’s reaffirm our belief and utter trust in the Son of God. And, during this fast, let us confidently ask Him for everything we need to serve Him because we know He is listening and ready to give.