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Summer School - Part 4 [Teachings of Jesus]
Tim Haring - Persistence pays
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Starting Point Orientations will be THIS SUNDAY, June 26, after both services. For more information go to

It's not too late! THIS SUNDAY, adult singles are meeting at Premier Chevrolet parking lot for tailgating fun and then over to the WVU ballpark to watch the WV Black Bears take on State College at 4 pm. For more info:

Middle schoolers don't miss out on the best nights of summer! You're invited to over-the-top events and crazy fun with amazing friends! we'll have games and competitions throughout the summer that will result in one group being crowned the Ultimate Beat the Heat Champions! Visit: for details.

High Schoolers, school's out for summer! Come party at the Wired Big Summer with high energy games, time with friends, and group discussions! Contact Cameron Cheke for details and a calendar of events.

College students stay connected downtown this summer on Wednesday nights. Summer Small Group is all about 1 Corinthians, snacks, and friends! Invite someone you know to join you!

Looking to get connected with other single adults? Check out Mosaic [singles] Gatherings. See for more info.

A team from the church recently returned from Honduras. To view a short video recap and see how your contributions helped our sister church, visit

You don't want to miss this great time of Faith, Family & Fun! The three-day Christian Music and Family Festival will feature Chestnut Ridge Church's Worship Team as an opening band and Pastor Tim as a speaker between top national talent. Tickets are on sale now! If you order through Chestnut Ridge Church's website, a percentage of the proceeds will benefit the church's ministry. Visit: the for details.

Time for the entire church to gather for a day of food, swimming, and loads of fun. Time to bring out your competitive side for a cornhole show down…. It’s time for our annual Summer BBQ Bash! July 24, from 5-8 pm, head on over to Camp Muffly. Bring along your yard games and lawn chairs. We provide the hot dogs, hamburgers, and drink; sides dishes are provided by families whose last name begins with A-M, and desserts are supplied by names N-Z. For all the details:

SUMMER SCHOOL - PART 4 [June 25/26, 2016] Tim Haring

We give up too easily—with everything
Persistence pays
We ask for what we wish; we seek for what we miss; we knock for that from which we feel ourselves shut out.
—Fausset Jamieson

We need to persevere in prayer.
We need to persevere in seeking.
We need to persevere in knocking.

1. What are you praying for?

2. Are you persevering in prayer? Or have you given up?

3. Are you also seeking and knocking? Is there a part you need to play?
Discussion Questions:

1. Can you think of an example where you feel God answered a prayer of yours? Did he answer your prayer immediately or did it take awhile?

2. Why do you think God sometimes doesn’t answer our prayers right away? Why might God say “no” to some of our prayers?

3. Read Luke 11:5-13. How is God not like the man who was initially unwilling to respond to his friend’s request?

4. Why do you think God wants us to persevere in prayer? Why doesn’t he always answer our prayers immediately?

5. What do you think Jesus means when he says we should keep seeking and keep knocking? How are seeking and knocking different than just asking?

6. Can you think of some examples where God may want us to do something in addition to just praying about something?

7. Why is perseverance helpful in every aspect of life? Can you think of an area in which God wants you to persevere?

8. How might you apply tonight’s lesson to your life?:

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